Returning Your Rental Instrument

Thank you for renting your band or orchestral instrument with Music Showcase. We want you to know that there are several options for you to consider regarding the decision to keep renting, purchase, exchange, or return your rental instrument.

Option #1: Return Your Instrument

You are participating in a rent-to-own program; however, there is no obligation to buy the instrument. You can return it before your month’s due date without any penalties. Please observe your due date because if you return your instrument after your due date, your rental fees will NOT be refunded.

You must return your rental instrument to our store and close out your account. We do NOT pick-up rental instruments at your child’s school, unless you a make a specific arrangement with a Music Showcase representative due to special circumstances.

IMPORTANT: Please review this checklist before you return your instrument.

Option #2: Buy Your Instrument

You can save money by purchasing your rental instrument. Just call a sales associate and inquire what the balance is on your rental account. Then, we’ll take 30% off if you buy it.

Option #3: Exchange Your Instrument

You can exchange your student rental instrument for an intermediate or professional model. Music Showcase will subtract half the amount of money you’ve invested in your student rental instrument and apply that amount towards the list price of the upgraded instrument. And, you’ll also receive a 30% student discount after that.

Option #4: Continue Renting Your Instrument

Many people return their instrument when the school year ends. However, you may consider renting through the summer and into the next school year. This is a great option if you are not yet prepared to purchase the instrument because it will allow you to keep all the rental fees you’ve paid so far and not lose them. This way you don't have to start over again in the fall.

Your decision is an important one and you should consider whether your child would resume band or orchestra in the fall. If you choose to return your instrument and re-rent in the fall, please understand that your rental payments are cumulative. So, if there is a break in the contract, you must restart your contract and the monies from your previous rental contract will be lost.

If you choose to buy your instrument or continue renting, you may want to sign up your student for one of our summer music programs or workshops or private lessons. Call or see our website for more information. Enjoy your summer and we look forward to continuing a relationship with you and your family.