Badges for Junior Girl Scouts

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“Do you picture yourself center stage? Or are you the behind-the-scenes type, happy to design and build costumes or sets for a production? Find out all about creating, preparing for, and performing a show.”
- Excerpt from the Junior Badge Catalog.

We will be doing the following activities:

Character Traits
A play has a lead character, supporting characters, and extras. You will explore their character traits while reading a scene from a play.

Character Charades
Take turns acting out a character while everyone else guesses who it is.

Mirror Mimic
One person is the leader. The other person plays the mirror and copies everything the leader does.

How You Say It
There are many different emotions that a character can express. Explore these emotions while reading lines from a play.

Belt It Out
Learn vocal breathing exercises that will allow you to be heard throughout the theatre!

Theatre Around the World
Learn about different theatre styles from other cultures.

See It Live! (optional)
Attend a play, a theatrical performance, a dinner theatre, or a school or community production. Depending on the season, the Florida Academy of Performing Arts may be performing a play right here at Music Showcase.

You will also take a tour of the store and receive a Certificate of Completion.