Emerging Leaders In Theatre and Music Performance Education

Emerging Leaders In Theatre and Music Performance Education (ELITE) describes a perpetual generation of musically educated people of all ages and backgrounds. Here at Music Showcase, our goal is to build a community of wonder and beauty, and to help people discover and develop their gifts, so that they can learn ways to better the world. The gift of music extends far beyond pitches and notes, and can help a person improve memory, brain function, confidence, and expressivity. We believe in keeping theatre and music alive, and in the necessity of the arts for a thriving society.

Here at the ELITE Center, you can put your dream into action by taking music lessons in our beautiful, spacious facilty located near the intersection of Kings and Brandon Boulevard. With 50 teachers who specialize in 30 different intruments, we are partnered with the Florida Academy of Performing Arts (FAOPA) and offer both individual training and group learning. Group classes include full-length musicals for all ages, show choirs, rock bands and group instrument classes.

The ELITE Team serves as an outreach program in support of our vision and mission, and includes our top students. An audition-based group of talented child and adult singers and pianists, look for the ELITE Team at the Florida State Fair, The Florida Strawberry Festival, Tampa International Airport, Nativity Catholic Church's Novemberfest, and anywhere else in the community where the voice of music can be heard loud and clear!

Call us today at 813-685-5998 to find the perfect fit for you musical needs,and to be a part of a musical generation on the move!

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Music Showcase ELITE Team

The Music Showcase ELITE Team is an auditioned group of our top vocalists and pianists who sing at venues all around the Tampa Bay area! Look for them at the Florida State Fair, Florida Strawberry Festival, Nativity Catholic Church Novemberfest and more this season!

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