Music Showcase is proud to announce that it's sponsoring 3 children through Compassion International. Music Showcase selected three girls who are living in poverty in different parts of the world, but they all share a love for singing.


Compassion International is a Christian child development ministry dedicated to helping children in need around the world. Compassion equips children for the future by providing for their core needs-spiritual, physical, economic, and social. Through Music Showcase’s sponsorship, these children will receive school tuition, health care, food, life skills training, and Christian education.


Music Showcase will be sending $40 each month for each girl, which totals $120 per month and $1440 a year. The owners and staff will be making regular contributions as well as sending letters and cards throughout the year.

Can I Help?

YES! We want to give you, the customer, an opportunity to share in this exciting endeavor. You can bring in your spare change for our Compassion Contribution Jar. Maybe, make it a family project to collect money. Or, you could support the girls through your prayers and add your name and well-wishes to the letters and cards that will be sent regularly.

Meet the Girls


Rose-Manette was born December 20, 1999 and lives in St. Raphael, Haiti with her parents and 5 siblings. Her parents are farmers and she helps at home by carrying water and cleaning. For fun, Rose-Manette enjoys singing and playing with dolls.


Arah, born March 9, 1999, lives in Brgys, Philippines. Arah lives with her parents and helps to carry water, gather firewood, and make beds at home. Her favorite activities include singing, telling stories, and playing house.


Born July 19, 1999, Lilly lives with her parents and 4 siblings in Njokerio, Kenya. She’s responsible for caring for her brothers and sisters, helping in the kitchen, and cleaning. Her favorite activity is singing.

More information on Compassion International