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Music Showcase - Cancellation Form
Attention: Do not use this form if you are cancelling the day of your lesson.

The date and time stamp for this cancellation request is 5/27/2020 at 2:46:26 AM.
Student's Name:    
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Teacher's Name:
What date(s) are you cancelling?
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What time(s) are you cancelling?
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If you would like to schedule a make-up lesson?
Yes, please contact me so I can reschedule this lesson.  
No, I do not need to reschedule this lesson.
What is the reason for your cancellation or ending of lessons?
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I am cancelling a scheduled lesson(s), I'm NOT ending all my future lessons.
I am ending all future lessons.
Please note: You must pre-pay for the next lesson to secure your lesson time upon your return.

Your reference number for this cancellation is: 622399

Please print this form before you submit it and keep it for your records.

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