Alex C.


Alex C. - Guitar Lessons Brandon, FLI have been playing music since I was 10 years old and it has always been a huge part of my life. I can play electric, acoustic, classical and bass guitar, drums, and piano/keyboards. I am currently enrolled in Southeastern University and I am an experienced songwriter that plays in a rock band around the state of Florida. I have been playing guitar primarily for almost 10 years now and I have an extensive knowledge of music theory thanks to my old guitar teachers David Q. and Caleb H. who have been teachers at Music Showcase. I am also a huge gear fanatic, so I have a very vast knowledge of guitar gear. My #1 influence of all time is Eddie Van Halen. I have learned so many useful tricks and skills from looking up to him and studying his techniques in my years of playing. I also have completely taken apart a couple of guitars and made Van Halen replica guitars including the frankenstrat. My other main influences are Slash, Dave Grohl, and Joe Perry. I have recently taught fellow students in my old guitar class about theory and guitar knowledge at Riverview Senior High School. Some of them did not understand some of the things our teacher was teaching them and I was able to make clear of what she was saying by showing them different methods. I fully understand that everyone is different and everyone learns differently than others. Basically I will be able to teach any age, any skill level student and shape them into the musician that they aspire to be.

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